Meet Marisa Garcia: The Visionary Behind Lux Skin Studio's Skin Alchemy

Marisa Garcia is owner and founder of Lux Skin Studio, a boutique skincare studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an esthetician of 16 years, and having worked with dozens of the top skincare line in her career, she discovered there was a science to healthy skin. Over the years she realized the best results for her clients, were achieved when skincare was at a professional grade (higher active ingredients) with correct formulations and blended with botanicals. Thus Lux Skin Studio skincare was created. A curated line of effective products that achieved results due their unique blend of science and nature. This is Skin Alchemy at its finest.

Join Marisa for an in-depth look at a Custom Facial, tailored to meet the unique needs of your skin for transformative results that speak to the art and science of personalization.